Spectrum 2.0

Review of '180'

Rating:4 User: Raphie

Now as a darts player and fan myself, I always enjoy playing a darts game...180 was a game I had as a kid and is what probably introduced me to darts in the first place. And I had great fun doing so too.

The throwing mechanism is quite simple...maybe too simple as I (and possibly you too) was able to throw my darts at a rhythm which meant I could practically hit a 180 every time...even with my eyes closed. The music is jolly and stands out well during the game when your computer opponent is throwing his darts...credited to David Whittaker I believe it's actually the work of Jas C. Brooke...oh well.

Apart from the simpleness of the game which can spoil its charm from time to time it's definatly one of the best darts games out there, many in fact claim it to be THE best darts game on the Spectrum...and they have a good case with that.