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Review of 'New Zealand Story, The'

Rating:4 User: Raphie

Taito's cutesy platformer was ported to the Speccy by Ocean Software, and a fine good job they did too.

The graphics while monochrome yellow are really nice and the characters pretty much resemble their arcade counterparts, I mean Tiki is Tiki! And it plays just like the arcade game as well which is obviously a good thing. The main let down believe it or not is the music, while it's nice and it plays well during the game and it was composed by Jonathan Dunn which usually means win, it's actually not the complete tune from the arcade game and it's just a continuous loop of the first part with the bridge completely non-existant and that's a great shame.

Still The New Zealand Story is one of the better arcade conversions, not the greatest but certainly one that's worthy of being called a proper port.