Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Tetris 2'

Rating:5 User: Raphie

For those who've played the official Tetris on the ZX Spectrum you'll remember that the original was a disappointment, the background got in the way and the drop button was very sensitive.....well there was a sequel from Czechoslovakia and it crushes that version! This is just a fantastic version of Tetris, it has it's flaws like to move your blocks you have to press the button every time and it doesn't move as you hold in the button but it's much more enjoyable than Mirrorsoft's version. The graphics are simpler which works and the music from Frantisek Fuka is superb. This is Tetris as it should be, fun, enjoyable and utterly brilliant.

So to sum it up - England 0 Czechoslovakia 1.