Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Pentagram'

Rating:3 User: Matt_B

After two games, Nightshade and Gunfright, using the scrolling Filmation 2 engine, Ultimate returned to the original Filmation engine for this next instalment in the Sabre Man saga.

Coming nearly 18 months after Knight Lore, and up against the likes of Fairlight, Batman, Highway Encounter and Quazatron from other developers, it was no longer looking particularly innovative. There were a few minor tweaks, such as the ability to shoot fireballs, but since this required an extra button there was no longer the directional control.

Once you get over the disappointment that it's yet another Ultimate rehash of an older game, Pentgram isn't too bad. There are some interesting puzzles that will appeal to fans of Knight Lore and Alien 8 who've done those two games to death. However, there was nothing particularly new here and if neither of those games won you over, this certainly won't either.