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Review of 'Underwurlde'

Rating:4 User: Matt_B

Released at the same time as Knight Lore, this game also included the same character of Sabre Man. Sticking with the more conventional 2D graphics of their previous games, Underwurlde is a fast moving platformer with a similarly sized map to Sabre Wulf set in a massive complex of underground caverns.

There are some nice graphical and gameplay touches; you can rise up caverns on bubbles from volcanic vents and descend using a rope rather than just having to jump everywhere. Sabre Man can pick up a variety of weapons to combat the assorted monsters along the way, each of which can also dispatch a particular guardian opening up a new section. Unlike Sabre Wulf, you've got the advantage that the monsters can't kill you directly; however they can knock you over and if you fall far enough that will do the job for them just nicely.

But, there lies the game's big flaw; it's almost impossible to avoid being repeatedly knocked over by the monsters and even with a lot of practice, the amount of time you can survive for can be just a bit too random. Rather, you've got to trust to luck and picking up bonus lives to have a hope of finding the exits which lead to Knight Lore, Pentagram and the, never released, Mire Mare.

All in all it's a bit of a flawed gem by Ultimate's, albeit very high, standards. The graphics are great, and the gameplay is mostly very good too, but whether you'll enjoy it depends on how much of being bounced around like in a pinball machine you can handle.