Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Mr. Wimpy'

Rating:3 User: Raphie

Yes even Mr. Wimpy had his own Spectrum game! And why I never got my Bananaman game I will never know! But yeah it's alright really, the first part has you picking up a tray from the left side of the screen and avoid the moving holes and the one nastie called Waldo to move to the right hand side to collect food, you then have to move to the other side again to deliver the food, do this twice more to finish the level, if your hit by Waldo you've to start over again, that can get a bit annoying and tedious.

Once you're finished it's straight out Burger Time which is always a fun game to play. Now I've not played a lot of this but when I fiished the first level I was expecting to return to the first bit again...but no I'm still in Burger Time. So it makes me wonder why this wasn't a straight out Burger Time clone rather than have to include the first bit just once.

Still a nice little game, if you love Burger Time then give this a go although it's looked better on the Spectrum and you have to go through a rather pointless first part before you can enjoy your Burger Time, unless you insert a poke to start you on level 2 that is.