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Review of 'Sabre Wulf'

Rating:5 User: Matt_B

Ultimate's seventh game is largely a rehash of their sixth, Atic Atac. The setting is moved from a castle to a jungle, and instead of finding three parts of a key, you need to find four parts of an amulet. The junglescapes are beautifully rendered in colour, and somewhat reminiscent of those of the artist Henri Rousseau. There's also some beautiful animation of the creatures you come across and of Sabre Man's sword-fighting moves.

Many of the changes haven't been for the better however: There are far less in the way of interesting objects and special locations than Atic Atac, although there are a few subtleties in the way of magic orchids and hints from the natives as to where the amulet parts are located. Instead of losing energy when you're attacked you lose a life and you've also got to engage in hand to hand combat either left to right making it very difficult to go up and down when there are enemies in the way. Almost inevitably you'll get yourself into some situations where you'll lose a life; a curse that would afflict most of Ultimate's later games. However, with some perseverance bonus lives are to be found, and it's still very possible to complete the game.

Overall, it's not quite as good as Atic Atac, and certainly not worth the huge price hike that nearly doubled the price. Still, this is a cut above the bulk of the clones that came from other developers and very much an Ultimate classic.