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Review of 'How to be a Complete Bastard'

Rating:4 User: Alessandro Grussu

An original dynamic adventure based on a book written by Ade Edmonson, a British comedian no one here (Italy) has ever heard of, but appears to be very popular in his homeland.

In the book, and the game, your task is to gatecrash at a yuppie party and spoil all the fun they are having. You must use the objects lying around to light up the "Complete-Bastard" caption at the bottom of the screen by performing some ludicrously evil deeds like covering a guest's hair with machine oil or toothpaste, tying him/her up with a hose or making a custard pie and slapping it on his/her face. You must do this while getting as drunk, smelly and generally unpleasant as you can - some of the tricks can only be performed when you are completely intoxicated!

The screen is divided in two areas, each showing a different angle of view of the room you are in. While rather confusing at the beginning, this unusual presentation - named 'Bastavision' - proves to be very valuable in helping you understand your surroundings.

Yes, the graphics are pretty sketchy - you do not get to see the effects of your actions, just a caption or in some cases a large writing - and the sound is minimal, but the sheer, sadistical fun you have in doing the most offensive things to those hateful and unbearable icons of '80s Western society is simply too good to be missed. No matter how crazy it sounds to you - you will be surprised at how nasty you can get here!