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Review of 'Death Wish 3'

Rating:4 User: Alessandro Grussu

Paul Kersey - a name which is synonymous with bad luck, judging by what happens to anyone who is closely associated to him - in the third instalment of its saga, has agreed to help New York City police to quench a riot

The film is rather useless and so over the top in being reactionary to become laughable in the end. The game, however, goes even further and lands right in the territory of parody - how could you explain in any other way the fierce fights between the aged women and the villains, or the long-nosed girls waving their mini-skirts, who do not appear to serve any purpose whatsoever other than bring a smile to the player?

There is nothing but "kill or get killed" and "do not hit too many cops, or they will get really pissed" here. While it lasts, however, it's a nihilistically satisfying experience. Try shooting people from the windows or keeping your finger on the machine gun trigger to see what I mean! Of course you'll love it if you are a fan of the great, late Charles Bronson.