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Review of 'Night Breed'

Rating:4 User: Alessandro Grussu

The officially licensed game from the movie based on Clive Barker's novel - he also wrote the screenplay for it and directed it.

I did not see the movie, so I do not know whether the game adheres to the spirit of the original work or not. As a game in itself, however, Night Breed is a competently done, but not particularly original neither particularly involving maze/platform arcade with some hints of adventure. As the main character, Boone, you must explore the underground realm of the Night Breed, a race of sentient beings with shapeshifting abilities he belongs to, and perform various tasks which will enable you to fight the ultimate menace threatening the already precarious existence of the NB - the Mask.

Graphics are well defined and colorful, with some interesting effects like the flashes of lightning in the first stage. Sound on 128K is quite pleasing. The game is large and multi-loaded from tape, and it will take a fairly long time to be completed. It is not very challenging, so there's more quantity than quality here, but it should appeal to all those who like to mix exploration and combat.