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Review of 'Rampage'

Rating:4 User: The Dean of Games

1988 Activision(UK)
by Bob Pape, Mark A. Jones, Colin Tuck and Z

An explosive game when I first heard about it, still explosive when I first played it, but rapidly wears out. It becames boring after awhile. The cities arent all that imaginative and lookalike and our beasts drag around a bit, I find the controls not that responsive.
The game idea is captivating, King Kong meets a Giant Werewolf and a sort of lizard-Black-Lagoon-like monster and mission is to destroy everything and avoid destruction. You are attacked by little soldiers and little tanks and little chopters, eat people around, destroy armies and manage a sort of non-profitable demolition association (that's me saying!), its every misbehaved kids dream... 'till he gets bored.