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Review of 'Lunar Jetman'

Rating:4 User: Matt_B

Ultimate's fifth game finally saw them move away from the limitations of 16K to make a much larger game that used the full capabilities of the 48K machine.

Where Jetpac was essentially a one screen affair, Lunar Jetman has a massive scrolling play area. There's the buggy, a bomb, a teleport system, and an alien missile base that you need to destroy within a strict time limit. The buggy can also be augmented with a gun, although the trailer on the cover art is purely mythical.

The game also has more realistic physics with added inertia to the controls as well as the gravity effect of Jetpac. This does rather serve to steepen the learning curve though, and this is exacerbated by the limited fuel and the rapid reactions required to avoid aliens appearing at the edges of the screen.

All in all, despite the additions, it doesn't quite come together as nicely as the original Jetpac and where the earlier game held up nicely, the sequel has rather faded over time making it something of a flawed gem.