Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Sim City'

Rating:5 User: Danforth

This game taught me an important lesson about politics: keep taxes low all year, then jump them to 20% in late December. Once you've collected, drop them to 1% again. Repeat. Sheeplike humanity will love you, your coffers will swell, and your cities will span the entire landmass.

Actually this game is full of useful life lessons: the need to plan ahead for big projects; the importance of keeping people happy in order to get the best out of them; and that you needn't bother with a fire department if you've turned Fires off.

Once the big money is rolling in, you can amuse yourself by creating elaborate suburbs that, when viewed from a high elevation, appear as rude messages and personal slurs.

The graphics suit the Speccy perfectly, the only noticeable thing missing from this conversion is the "Godzilla" disaster. Sim City is a thing of beauty.