Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Hostages'

Rating:5 User: p13z

I only discovered this game on the Spectrum recently, over 20 years too late. I used to love this game back then on the Atari ST, and the spectrum version retains most of the appeal of the 16 bit version.
Action, strategy and a good bit of shooting make up this 'SAS embassy storming' game. The action is split into sub-games, which all come together nicely to build tension and atmosphere. Sneak your guys into position, snipe some terrorists and abseil into the besieged embassy. Then blast the remaining terrorists (and not too many hostages) in a great first-person finale.
Graphics are nice, smooth, well defined and atmospheric. Sound on the 128k is also rather good, with some fine music and sampled effects. Difficulty level can be selected, allowing new players chance to see the whole game, while giving you a challenge to keep returning to. If you haven't tried this on your speccy yet, then I urge you to at least take a quick look.