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Review of 'Tranz Am'

Rating:4 User: Matt_B

With Ultimate's fourth game they finally broke away from the move and shoot mould with this multiway scrolling driving game. You have to drive across a, fairly sparse and abstract, map of the USA picking up a set of cups, avoiding crashes and making frequent fuel stops along the way.

Instead of blasting away at your enemies, you instead have to avoid them here as two cars will come racing after you and try to crash into you. Making a tight turn or forcing them to crash into the scenery will buy you a little time, but they'll be on your tail again soon. It's quite a challenge to collect all the cups under this pressure, but not an impossible one. The main drawback is that it's all too easy to end up crashing into a piece of scenery as your reactions need to be very quick given the small size of the visible area.

Whilst it was a significant departure from their previous work, and quite an original idea generally, Tranz Am just doesn't quite have the same addictive quality as Jetpac. It's still one of the best 16K games around, however.