Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Wizball'

Rating:5 User: Alessandro Grussu

Although it might put the least patient player off, Wizball is a highly rewarding experience in the long run. You must guide a wizard traveling inside a sort of head-shaped spacecraft in order to restore the colors to a land which was deprived from them by an evil power. You must collect power-ups even to let you actually control your craft and to call your Catelite - a smaller ship with your trusty cat as a pilot - which is required to collect the color drops you need to perform your task. To activate power-ups you must rapidly press the left and right keys, or waggle your joystick, à la Daley Thompson.

Nice and smooth graphics, lovely tunes (on 128K!), fast action - which becomes really hectic in later levels - and a quite original mix of traditional (the power-ups) and innovative game mechanics make Wizball a sure classic. The only differences with the first version of the game, made for the C64, are the absence of the bonus level and of the death animation, but they are just niggles when compared with the sheer brilliance of the gameplay. Moreover, I found the bonus level on the C64 a bit of a nuisance, since it breaks the whole action, so I personally do not miss it at all.

A true classic.