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Review of 'WEC Le Mans'

Rating:4 User: The Dean of Games

1988 Imagine Software (UK)
by Mike Lamb, John Mullins, Bill Harbison, Alick Morrall, Jonathan Dunn (Music)

For starters, I can't understand why a 128k game as no sound while racing. Even with the upgraded memory, too much things happening just slows the game. The menu music is nice but nothing special, and I've seen/heard better things in 48k oldies.
The graphics are nice but bulky and the proportions are all wrong, just look at the trees.
And about the track, well this is the famous 24 hours Le Mans you are racing, but it gets boring after playing the same track over and over, accuracy here just spoils things a bit.
Finally the strong point of theis game, in my view, is the playability, your car moves smoothly and the speed increases quite dramatically. The difficulty is also a strong point although a bit annoying in the first plays.
All in all I think this is only a slightly above average game.