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Review of 'Cobra'

Rating:5 User: WhenIWasCruel

One of the most amusing and adrenaline-filled Speccy's games, blending various styles in its gameplay (platformer, beat'em up, shoot'em up), and mixing it with comic book graphics, nice music and irony.

Joffa Smith's masterpiece, in my opinion.

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22 November 2016 review:

by Jonathan Smith, Steve Cain, Martin Galway

I think a new type of game was emerging between 1985 and 1986 which united multilple genres into one gameplay, I'm referring for example to Ghosts 'n Goblins, which merged platform and shoot'em up elements
in a multi-directional scrolling environment, or Green Beret, which, although scrolling horizontally, added a beat'em up element in the form of the use of knife [very short range weapon, as punches and such], and the Green Beret conversion for the Spectrum was the great late Jonathan Smith's assignement before Cobra, and I think there's a clear hint of that in the latter. Cobra, in fact, it proposed again that new type of multi-genre game, stressing the platform and the beat'em up aspects [you start with just your head as weapon, and in fact you're encouraged to "[i]use your head[/i]"], and making it frantic and hyperkinetic, while when you actually manage to gain the most powerful shooting weapon, you feel almost almighty, until it lasts, which one of the reasons why this game is so good - the relief of being able to sweep away all of the silly nasties trying to overwhelm you, including distressing damsels with bazookas, after a vulnerable start. Moreover, although the game is a tie in from the Stallone's Cobra movie, it's all Over The Top, it's a demented spoof of the movie and of Stallone in general, enriched by cartoonish graphics, rhythmycall engaging tunes, persistent jingles and a top notch loading screen. It's initially hard to get into the game, but once you get used to the frenetic pace and the non-stop danger coming from a costant flow of peculiar and lethal characters, then you find a pretty entertaining game. And don't forget that your fiancèe will come to defend you from the nasties, once in a while. Just don't shoot at her, she doesn't like it. Ah, I forgot, beware of the baby carriages, of course.

p.s. the final part is disappointing, but whatever.