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Review of 'Double, The'

Rating:5 User: The Dean of Games

1987 Scanatron (UK)
by Peter Martin

In the cover Howard Kendall says 'This must be the ultimate of all strategy games' and I must agree it is one of the best soccer managing games.
Appealing screens with excelent taste, 100% machine code and highly detailed options with an excelent accuracy value.
The only letdown was the match result of your coached team appearing instantly and 'destroying' the suspense factor, something I loved e.g. in 'Football Director'. But that diddnt spoiled the game at all. Well, maybe a little.
At the time I played this game I also played one of my all time favourite soccer management games: 'Tracksuit Manager' which I think is very similar to this in almost ever aspect. Me and my friends thought they were both from the same guys and from the same series. One for the Major League and the other for the World Cup. They arent. But I bet Doug Matthews, 'Tracksuit Manager' author, got great inspiration out of 'The Double' for its spectacular game released one year later.
A must have for every Speccy fan speccialy for those who love management games.