Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Pssst'

Rating:4 User: Matt_B

Appearing quickly after Jetpac, this was Ultimate's second game for the Spectrum. In it, you play the role of a robot who has to protect a growing flower from an assortment of garden pests.

It follows the same graphical style as Jetpac and there are some recognizably similar elements to the gameplay; you wander around the screen, pick things up, and shoot sideways at a lot of baddies. On the downside, they ditched the sensible keyboard layout of Jetpac for the cramped one that characterized a number of the games that followed.

However, there are a couple of nice touches that give it a bit of variety. You've got three weapons to choose from and, depending on the enemy, they might kill, stun or have no effect, so rapidly switching between them is necessary. It all starts off fairly simple, but as soon as you get multiple types of enemy it can become rather frantic.

All in all, another excellent early game from Ultimate, and still amongst the best that you can run on a 16K Spectrum.