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Review of 'Magic Mountain'

Rating:3 User: sirclive1

Upon first playing this text / graphical adventure in 1983 , i didn't get any further than the maze which appears around half a dozen locations in , so with a bit of help from C.A.S.A i decided to venture the mountain again.

Obviously the games the same , based around escaping the mountain with your life intact and with the secret scrolls in your sweaty palm , you use the usual text input to solve various puzzles enabling you to get further through the game . Some of the puzzles / locations are a bit illogical and i must confess that without the help of the guide i'd have been stuck again (but further than the maze this time).

So (yesterday night !) i was ready for a challenge and finally made it all the way through to the end , it was nice to see some new locations , enjoy the puzzles and complete the game , the graphics are very simple (line / plot / draw etc ) , but serve their purpose and add some atmosphere to the game .

Overall it's well worth a 3 out of 5 , a bit more logic and less confusion (it doesn't always tell you when you can go in a certain direction) and it would have gained an extra point.