Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Sabre Wulf'

Rating:2 User: Stack

This was the game that sadly made £9.95 an acceptable price for a Spectrum game. It was done through very skillful marketing - beautiful teaser advertising and a very stylish box. The game, it must be said, looked beautiful too. It still does.
This was just about the first major step to style over substance in computer gaming. The actual experience of playing it was not a patch on its predecessor Atic Atac.
Ultimate's stupid key layout further confirmed how low down the pecking order playing the game actually came.
The draw of nostalgia between me and Sabre Wulf is still strong. I still want to like,it as I wanted to back then, but I only have to bustle down a couple of sceens of maze, sabre in hand and get unfairly boxed in by a hippo to know that it just isn't good entertainment.
Sabre Wulf - a magical amulet that hypnotised teenagers into liking it by good looks alone. The expensive blond of Spectrum gaming and just as poor on reflection the morning after.