Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Stop the Express'

Rating:5 User: dandyboy

A marvelous game and one of the best ever written for the Spectrum !!

Very colourful and also furiously fast !!

Prevent the express from derailing eluding baddies, wicked birds, ghosts and all sort of weird enemies ... very entertaining and exciting !!! Magic, pure 8-bits magic !!

Who can forget those red gangsters holding a bullet in one hand and throwing it at you as if it were a stone ... quite hilarious !!

Stop the Express is one of those magical games that were ahead of their time and which made me fall in love with the Zx Spectrum forever, and ever, and ever, and ever again ... and that I often miss in modern platforms.

A must have for all lovers of the Spectrum.

Thanks a lot Sir Clive Sinclair !!

This time your black wonder worked a miracle !! ;D

Ps - Doesn´t the main character in this game resemble Wonder Boy with his big blonde head ??