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Review of 'Fist II: The Legend Continues'

Rating:4 User: The Dean of Games

1986 Melbourne House (UK)
by Damian Watharow, Bill McIntosh, Frank Oldham, Steven Taylor and Gregg Barnett.

I bet this game sold almost as much as its predecessor, if not more.
'Way of the Exploding Fist' was a game loved by everyone, and it was such a break thru in this type of games that became a classic. So all eyes were put on 'Fist II' when it came out.
The programmers had a great idea mixing elements of a beat-em-up and a sort of platform game like 'Bruce Lee'. Almost every good aspect of the original was here, plus some new ideas. But somehow the game feels boring and too easy, and never did excite me for too long. The first glances just wowed me, the graphics, the sceneries, all quite beautifully designed, but the game itself never grabbed me enough so I could keep coming for more.
Even side 2 has a simple beat-em-up game similar to the original 'Fist', but not nearly as good.
A pity, because I think it had the potencial to became another classic.