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Review of 'Worm in Paradise, The'

Rating:5 User: Matt_B

The final part in Level 9's science fiction series The Silicon Dream Trilogy, this text adventure is set in the far future on the newly colonized planet of Eden. The city of Enoch on the planet has rapidly developed into a seemingly Utopian society, although not all is quite as it seems; there are rumours of aliens, secret societies and bizarre goings on in the sewers beneath the city.

As with the previous two games in the series there are a mind-boggling number of locations, although don't worry too much as most of these are algorithmically generated and once you figure out how, it's easy enough getting around. The game is fairly open; you can explore most of the city from the off, although certain areas only become available once you've gained particular item or piece of knowledge. These invariably have a habit of flipping your previous assumptions around in the process.

Taking inspiration from a wide variety of SF and fantasy sources (Farmer, Le Guin and Horwood all get a mention, to name but three) this is a multi-layered gem of a game. Although perhaps lacking the sophistication of an Infocom or Magnetic Scrolls parser, this is nonetheless about as sophisticated as the text adventure got.