Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Time Scanner'

Rating:5 User: Stack

Back in 1982 we could never have dreamt of such a good pinball game playing on a Spectrum. In Time Scanner you have to defeat 4 tables, each spread on 2 screens consecutively (with an up down 'scroll') to be a true champion. The +3 disk rerelease is the one I emulated which saves on multload interruptions.

Smooth movement, ball inertia, poppers, buzzers, bells and whistles are all present including great sound fx and good in game music that changes for each table. The tables all offer different challenges and recognise that this is an arcade game producing some flourishes that a real pinball table couldn't offer.

The fourth table 'Special' combines a Breakout game using 3 flippers in the top half of the table.

Each table is mono. The first is blue and yellow but you get used to it. There is slowdown when you have more than one ball on the table but this does not greatly effect the enjoyment.

I rate this game 4.5 so have rounded up to 5 here by necessity.