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Review of 'Fantastic Voyage'

Rating:5 User: The Dean of Games

1984 Quicksilva (UK)
by John Edmonds

One of the best games I owned. I loved the ideia of travelling inside the human body. If you can call this... a body. Lots of strange things happened inside this weird body. But hey, that was one the elements of quirkyness of the old speccy. Something lost along the way. Todays modern games have beautiful graphics, and everything seems in place, but look souless. And soul had this game. Soul, a liver, a mouth, a bladder, a left ventricle, a right ventricle... you name it.
Catch all the submarine pieces scattered around the body and join them in the brain to escape. Looks an easy task, doesnt it? Well it isnt...

Note: try out 'Devil Diver' from the same author if you are a fan of this game.