Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Moon Alert'

Rating:5 User: The Dean of Games

1984 Ocean soft (UK)
by Ken Farmer and Jon Mayers

A conversion of the arcade classic 'Moon Patrol' which myself and my best friend at the time spent hours and mommas hard-earned money over the arcade machines playing. At that time there was another classic game we were both hypnotized with called 'Pole Position', but that's another story. I can still remember the feelings both games gave me. Ah grreat times...

Moon Alert plays very well, the graphics are very nice and the games objective is quite compelling. It's different in looks from the arcade version but it plays similarly and it's fair to say it's a very good unofficial conversion.

Me and my mates never got further than area M, where mines start to appear and the game becomes harder. I must say I haven't played it for a long time now, so maybe it just doesn't seem as hard as it did when I was 12. But the difficulty turns into addiction very quickly, when you love a certain thing, so...

It's a pity that neither of both programmers wrote any other games for the Spectrum other than this marvel, which is a classic in my eyes.

4,5 points