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Review of 'Cookie'

Rating:3 User: WhenIWasCruel

Cookie was one of the first three Ultimate releases, along with Jetpac and Pssst, and, as the others two, tried successfully to be a home version of those old one-screen arcade games that were popular at the time, but with an original concept to it.

In fact, as Pssst, Cookie is a strange kind of shoot'em up, in which you don't destroy waves of aliens one after the other: in fact, you're a cook struggling with some ingredients not very much keen to be thrown into a giant cup, where they will mix up with the ingredient of the next levels. Consequently you don't annihilate what you hit with your bags of flour: you will just bounce it in other directions.

In short, a well programmed and finished off little arcade, although not with a particularly enjoyable gameplay: his brothers Jetpac and Pssst! were more playable. Nonetheless, one of the best of 1983, and a nice, original concept.