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Review of 'Lunar Jetman'

Rating:5 User: sirclive1

The follow up to Jet Pac was Ultimates first foray into the 48k market , released almost simulaneously with atic atac .

Boy did they use the extra memory well , the gameplay took place on our moon and had you in charge of the lunar rover with a rock hard mission to destroy the alien bases that had taken root on the surface ,this had to be done before the timer ran down and the alien missile was directly launched at the rover - ending the game - no matter how many lives were left.

To do this you had various implements and items to help you , the main one being your character jetman , armed with a laser to blast the enemies and a jetpac to help dodge and avoid them (and fight the moons gravity).

The precise object of the game was to load up the rover with a bomb , drive it to the alien base and with a bit of effort and luck ! Drop it on the central tower of the base , its harder than it sounds though as meteors and aliens bombard you throughout each level to make the game just a touch difficult (some say too difficult).

Whilst driving the rover , craters would appear before you , these could be fixed with girders that you could grab out of the vehicle , again providing another challenge. You could also teleport via the phone boz looking items on the surface or even turn your rover into a battletank by attaching a gun turret.

Some dismiss the game quite quickly as it is quite frustrating at first , but as soon as you pick up and destroy the 1st few bases you will have a game for life ! It is amazing !