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Review of 'Emlyn Hughes International Soccer'

Rating:4 User: sirclive1

This along with Match day 2 provided most of us young Robsons and Lineker wannabes with a computerised footy fix.

Played in the same style as the aformentioned Match day 2 (now refered to as MD2) , it was a horizontally scrolling fast paced all guns blazing football simulation.

I say simulation rather than arcade game , because it was a bit deeper than its rival MD2 , the combination of joystick manouveres could result in some spectacular passing moves and fabulous flicks , back heels and attempts at goal.

You could also design your own league or cup competition , change skill levels, design (to a point) a player based on various skill levels to designate.

It's a cracking game , one that still gets a play even today , i did prefer the more sedate MD2 , but this was a really good alternative footy game to bang on when you wanted a bit of fast action.

Sadly the only thing really stopping it from getting a 5/5 was the unrealistic sort of skating on ice type gameplay , which at times looks ludicrous as players slide in / past / around the ball.

Its close but it's not the king of footy games some make it out to be.