Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Jetpac'

Rating:5 User: Matt_B

Ultimate's first game for the Spectrum arrived with a big fanfare and showed that a new company was here that really meant business, offering original games of true arcade quality for the machine.

It's a mixture of shooting, collecting and flying action with a few platforms in there to throw in a bit of extra uncertainty and offer a safe haven whilst you plan how to retrieve that trickily placed fuel tank, or just take a breather from the action.

Jetpac crams a fair amount in for a 16K game. There are eight different types of aliens to see, albeit with just five different movement patterns, and four spacecraft. This is essential in giving it that "one more level" factor. It's a game that, if you play it enough, will soon become easy enough to keep going at for as long as you want, but getting to that stage is fun enough.

Ultimate's next couple of games, Pssst and Cookie both offered variations on the theme, but the simplicity of Jetpac makes it more immediately attractive. They went on to better things with 48K to play with, but nobody ever topped this with a mere 16K.