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Review of 'Barbarian II: The Dungeon of Drax'

Rating:4 User: Alessandro Grussu

In this sequel to the one-on-one sword fighting game, you come back either as the Barbarian, this time armed with a double axe, or the sword-wielding Princess, in order to defeat the vicious Drax once and for all.

Through three levels - the wasteland, caves and Drax's dungeon - you will meet several enemies, and each one of the requires a different approach to be defeated. Some of them, like the dinosaur in the first level, can kill you with a single blow, but you can do the same if you, as in the first game, manage to behead them.

The final battle will once again require you to use (a bit of) strategy since pure brawl won't cut it. Some items scattered throughout the levels will also be very useful if you find and understand how to use them.

All in all, an enjoyable hack-and-slash escapade, not so long but with a good deal of variety.