Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Saboteur II'

Rating:5 User: Alessandro Grussu

A superb sequel to a good game, Saboteur II manages to keep the key gameplay elements which made the first chapter so successful while expanding the formula to a larger, more complex and overall more satisfying experience. As a female ninja your task is once again to defeat the dictator, this time by infiltrating his huge fortess and sabotaging his missile, then escaping on board of a motorbike. Android guards and vicious pumas will try to stop you, but you will also need to care not to fall from great heights, which will have a severe impact on your energy levels. Nine missions of increasing difficulty largely enhance the game's length and replayability.

A proper example of how to do a game sequel, Saboteur II is nonetheless a great title in itself. The only niggle is that it is somewhat slower than the first game - not to the point of being unplayable of course, but if you played Saboteur you will notice it. Alex Rider did an accelerated version for both 48K and 128K Spectrums, which you can download from my website, featuring Oleg Origin's excellent new loading screen and speeded-up with my own SetoLOAD turbo loading scheme. 5/5