Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'MicroProse Soccer'

Rating:3 User: Alessandro Grussu

One of the most overrated games ever - on the C64 at least -, Microprose Soccer is a soccer arcade game vaguely reminiscent of the venerable Tehkan World Cup coin-op.

Looks pretty flashy initially but interest wanes as soon as you realise that the only way to score a goal is 90% of the time a diagonal shot just a little out of the goal area. Even more unrealistic is the infamous "banana shot" - luckily, it can be turned off.

MS was a bit more playable on the C64 due to the different colors of playing teams. On the Spectrum, the two-color scheme (green and black) makes such distinction harder.

Not a turkey - it's competently programmed - but certainly not up to the hype which marked its release.