Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Confusion'

Rating:1 User: kphair

I'm not sure whether this one is familiar because I've seen it before or it's a copy of something else but it's not great.

The screen is divided up into six rows which have aliens moving left or right. As they exit off the side of the screen they appear on a different row. You move your ship up and down the rows via a vertical corridor in the middle of the screen.

While it sounds like it should be exciting enough it's repetitive and boring with little or no variation in the gameplay as time passes. You just shoot as many as you can. There is an element of strategy involved in a bonus item which appears at the extreme left or right of one of the rows so you have to venture in to collect it making sure to time it so that no aliens are going to disappear off the screen which could reappear directly in front of you!

Other than that there is very little to do here and there is certainly no incentive to play for more than a couple of minutes. The graphics are really no more than functional and don't do anything to make things interesting.