Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Escape-MCP'

Rating:3 User: kphair

An interesting twist on the maze game but a little too frustrating to be really enjoyable.

In this one you just have one adversary, a ghostly robot that resembles a Recogniser from the film, "Tron". It's able to move over the walls towards you as you're trying to navigate through to retrieve a data disc and exit key. It does move a lot slower than you, so it's not a completely lost cause.

The strategic element is in luring the Recogniser (there's no point in calling a spade a shovel here, this is from an era where nearly every second game was inspired by Tron in one way another) into a position which will allow you to dodge past it further through the maze. You have to be careful not to choose the wrong strategy though or you could trap yourself in a corner. There's no time limit so your only other enemy is really yourself.

It does have that "just one more go" element going for it, although the colour schemes of the maze (and use of the FLASHing attribute) do count against playing it for more than a couple of times a session.

Could be one of those games to have a couple of people takings turns yelling out how the player should be doing it!