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Review of 'Ikari Warriors'

Rating:5 User: The Dean of Games

1988 - Elite Systems Ltd (UK)
by David Shea and Nick Jones

After the brilliant Commando, any game that simulated a war game viewed and played from above, always seemed less interesting or inferior. This is the case of 'Who Dares Wins II'.
In my opinion 'Ikari' suffered from it like lots of other games within the genre (some only kepted in the memory of a few players), but managed to became very popular and worthy of it.

You play the 'Ikari Warrior' sent by US forces to Central America, to try and free General Alexander Bonn from the hands of a band of revolutionaries.

The game as its story is simple and straightforward, but expect lots of action in this very addictive game.

4,5 points