Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Killed Until Dead'

Rating:5 User: Alessandro Grussu

A rare example of a murder mystery game on the Spectrum, Killed Until Dead puts you as detective Hercule Holmes against the Red Herring Club, the elite association of the five greatest murder mystery writers. They have gathered at the Gargoyle Hotel for a meeting which is, as a matter of fact, an excuse to settle several old issues. One of the members will be killed at midnight, and it's your task to prevent this nefarious design from becoming reality.

You must collect clues about the killer, the intended victim, the place chosen for the aggression and the weapon that will be used by breaking into the guests' rooms (obviously when they're not in), secretly taping their conversations and finally interrogating them.

If you manage to gather clues strong enough to understand the whole plan, you will be able to make an accusation, but beware! Should you fail, a bullet will be fired at you by an unknown hand!

This is a unique and superb game, full of nice touches and humor, which will require a constant and progressive use of your gray matter in order to solve the many different cases offered to your attention. Play it and prepare to be challenged to something you rarely experience on the Spectrum.