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Review of 'Ant Attack'

Rating:5 User: The Dean of Games

1983 Quicksilva (UK)
by Sandy White and Angela Sutherland

First Isometric 3D game (or so it seems) also called Softsolid system.
Sandy White was a sculptor by trade so that may explain his obsession in creating a 3D game.

Ant Attack starts in the fictitious walled City of Antescher. A lost city in a long lost age. The city is guarded by giant ants guided just by their biological imperative of survival.

Our hero, He or She, is selected in the beginning of the game and the objective is mainly to find the other (again He or She) and guide him/her outside the walls of Antescher without being killed by any giant ant. You have to rescue ten people, each at a time. Once you do that a medal is attributed to you for rescuing merits, and the game ends. The position of the ant prisoners starts of as very easy to tricky hard, and sometimes it's very hard to spot a prisoner. You have grenades to throw at ants (and a complicated array of keys to do so) also a key allows you to change the view angle, which is particularly helpful in later rescues.

Ant Attack gathers similar critics from numerous players as an undisputed classic. It's revolutionary maze may not surprise anyone today but back then it was mesmerizing, and although it as not aged all that well, it still hold its appeal quite well.

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