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Review of 'Exolon'

Rating:5 User: Alessandro Grussu

A superb platform/shooter, coded by master Raffaele Cecco, Exolon is a great example of its genre. As a futuristic super-soldier (called Vitorc in the Crash and Sinclair User reviews, but not in the game instructions), you must negotiate 125 screens divided into 5 levels full of enemies and traps, jumping over platforms and using teleports. The backpack rocket launcher will help you overcome the obstacles barring your way. If you find the exoskeleton you may double your firepower and trample over mines without harm, but you won't be awarded the special 10,000 points bonus each time you reach the end of a level.

Every aspect of the game is flawless: graphics, sound, playability, progressive difficulty, you name it. Exolon can deceive the casual player by appearing either somewhat slow or sometimes too difficult, on the brink of impossibility. But this is one of those rare games where the ability to think about the best route to take must be paired with sharp reflexes in order not to be overwhelmed by the ever-present dangers. A true classic. 5/5