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Review of 'Alchemist'

Rating:4 User: Matt_B

In this early game from Imagine you play the part of an alchemist on a mission to defeat an evil warlock. Rather obviously, you'd stand no chance straight away, so you must travel around, gathering spells and useful items. You've got the ability to transform into an eagle which allows you to fly around, and yes, you do get an opportunity to transmute base metals into gold later in the game.

Despite having some big and bold graphics that have stood up quite nicely, it's not aged too well in terms of the gameplay. Although large for the time, the playing area is easily mapped and it suffers from jittery scrolling. Once you've found where everything is, there are only really a handful of puzzles to solve and as the objects and spells are always in the same places, there's little replay value once you've completed it.

This is probably one of those games where you had to be there at the time to appreciate it much. However, it remains memorable for the new ground it broke at the time.