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Review of 'Rocky Horror Show, The'

Rating:5 User: The Dean of Games

1985 CRL (UK)
by Jeff Lee, Ian Ellery, Jared and Jay Derrett

Your loved one (either Janet or Brad) has been abducted by the evil Dr. Frank'n'Furter who has activated the diabolical Medusa machine to turn her/him into solid stone.

However, Dr. Frank has also dismantled the De-Medusa, another machine that has been designed to reverse the petrification process, and has scattered the parts around the castle. Your quest is to collect the pieces and assemble the De-Medusa machine in a specific place, and by so saving your beloved from turning into solid stone.

The game was adapted from a movie with the same name. And like the movie you find yourself surrounded by strangeness.
Very playable, nice graphics and with an amazing old movie horror atmosphere.