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Review of 'Lords of Midnight, The'

Rating:5 User: The Dean of Games

1984 Beyond Software (UK)
by Mike Singleton

Based upon JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, Mike Singleton's epic graphic adventure lives up well to its inspiration.
Your quest is to overthrow the evil Witch king Doomdark, who controls the north half of the land of Midnight.
This being said seems to be a simple task. It isn't. You must assume the role of Luxor, the Moonprince who wears the powerful moonring.

You can however control 3 other characters, Morkin (Luxor's Son), Rorthron the Wise and Corleth the Fey.
It may help to read or watch the Lord of the rings saga.
Lords of Midnight is one of the best graphical adventures ever created on our beloved Speccy and quite ahead of it's time.