Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Flying Shark'

Rating:3 User: zxspectrum128

I'm sorry to disagree with most reviews about Flying Shark.

But I have to say that the "invisible bullet" is a pain in the places the sun don't shine - especially in this game!
All too often you die and there is no way you could have seen - let alone avoid - the deadly bullet.
If only bullets were bigger and/or flashed so they could be seen properly.

Also I deem the difficulty level too bloody hard. I am no fan of games that require you to remember how to tackle the attack waves. And this is an example of such a game.
To make matters worse, your reaction time to incoming stuff (especially bullets) is very often way too short.
One of these problems may be acceptable, both add up to quite a mess.

So sorry again, folks!
But I had too little fun trying to get real far in this game.

Technically brilliant but the fun factor is in my humble opinion too low and frustration prevails.