Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'R-Type'

Rating:5 User: zxspectrum128

One of - if not the - horizontal shooter reference for the ZX Spectrum.

Excellent use of colour. Minimizing movements to character squares elimnates colour clash and frees CPU time for control of an armada of enemies, shots and smoothly scrolling scenery in the background.

As close to the arcade machine as you could hope for on the ZX Spectrum.

Niggling one might find two weak points:
1. Collision detection is character based.
Thus smoothly scrolling backgrounds may be nearer than you think or rather see.
2. No sound upgrade for the ZX Spectrum 128.

But still - brilliant game! Can be completed but the final guardian on level 8 is hard to beat indeed.
I still play this frequently on an emulator during train journeys (and, of course, at home on the real hardware, too).