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Review of 'Midnight Resistance'

Rating:5 User: zxspectrum128

Midnight Resistance is sheer brilliance.
What an impressive game design.
And it is very fair, indeed.
If you select the right weapons at the end of each level, of course.

But why the heck do I only grace this little gem with a rating of 4?
It's because of the pot luck weapons you receive right before the final level.
You've got the choice:
Either you save all your relatives and accept that you might end up with weapons that are absolutely abysmal for the purpose ahead.
OR you test every weapon briefly and stop saving your relatives as soon as you get a decent 3-way gun.
Poor buggers - your relatives.
Maybe you can argue that you come back after finishing off the big end-of-game baddie.
Or you save a snapshot of the game right before the relatives are being saved or alternatively afterwards when you find a decent weapon in your hands to continue.

Brilliant game - shame about the pot luck at the end...

UPDATE: Even in Tipshop you only find information about pot luck weapons right before the final level.
This is WRONG!
By watching a youtube video of Midnight Resistance I found out that you can walk and jump at your relatives. When they come down you then stand to the right (usually) so when they touch the ground they leave a weapon or add-on behind.
Now you can choose your equipment for the final battle properly.
And I have to amend my vote from 4 (Good) to 5 (Excellent).