Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Out Run'

Rating:2 User: Raphie

Oh dear! US Gold just had to screw up another license, probably one of the biggest games on the Speccy and.....its crap.

Okay its playable I'll give you that BUT the graphics are monochrome, all green, meaning the red Ferrari doesn't look like a Ferrari it just looks like an ordinary car. The game is pretty slow and gets slower depending on level detail which loses every element of speed a game like Out Run should have. And the multiload is a disaster, with emulation its probably not much so but back in the day, yeah it was a right pain.

So sadly Out Run is a right dud. Ocean's WEC Le Mans, a game massively overlooked in the arcades by Out Run is streets ahead on the Speccy while Chevy Chase and Miami Cobra GT, made by "smaller companies" and released on budget price are also more playable and enjoyable than this. Out Run was supposed to be massive and in the end it isn't. Shame on you US Gold.