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Review of 'Omnicopy 2'

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Ominsoft was not a British company (or even a real company, for all it matters), even though the program was written in English.

Omnicopy was written by me (I was 17 at the time) and a friend in Portugal over the space of many months (I did all the programming). Good old times.

As a piece of trivia, there was never a version 1 of Omnicopy, and my friend getting me the Zx Spectrum Complete ROM Disassembly book is what made it possible. :-)

Anyway, the idea was to sell the copier, and we did sell exactly 3 copies of it. After that, the copier got... copied all over the place. Eheh.

Back then there were no anti-piracy laws in Portugal for software, only for music. The program ended up spreading all over Europe and being mentioned in the computer sections of several newspapers and magazines, with nobody but my closest friends knowing it had actually been created by a Portuguese kid. :-)

Jorge Coelho
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