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Review of 'Quick Thinking!'

Rating:2 User: YOR

It's another educational game from Mirrorsoft, blimey they did do a number of these. There are two games present, Sum Vaders and Robot Tables. Sum Vaders is basically sums, adding or subtracting, and you have to work out the sum from the spaceship and the alien and guess correctly to blow up the alien. In Robot Tables it's basically the multiply times tables, the number given to the robot machine must match the sum and the order of the times tables, and you must accept or reject correctly in order for robots to be built or the rejected pieces to be turned to rubble. It isn't too bad really but Sum Vaders is the better game for me as while Robot Tables does present more of a challenge it can really drag on a bit whereas Sum Vaders was simple and to the point. Sum Vaders on its own would have sufficed nicely but the addition of Robot Tables, while adds to the game, only serves as a detriment. But if you have to play this game for any reason, stick to Sum Vaders.